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Our thoughts strongly influence our feelings and behaviours, therefore unhelpful, unrealistic or negative thoughts can be a major source of distress. Identifying these thoughts, CBT is goal oriented and problem focused. It is collaborative and aims to be time limited. CBT uses a variety of techniques to change thinking, mood and behaviour.

Cognitive Behavioural Thearapy (CBT)
Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety, one of the most common psychiatric disorders, is a feeling of dread. It is a natural response and a necessary adaptation in humans. Anxiety becomes a problem when it is excessive and uncontrollable. It can result in tearfulness, shaking, disturbed sleep or eating patterns. Anxious people tend to overestimate the danger and underestimate their coping skills.


Whether it is you or a loved one, serious illness leaves no aspect of life untouched. Even when medicine can fix the body, life is not always the same after. People do not often get the chance to talk about what it is like to be in pain, what their hopes and fears are and especially the prospect of death.

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